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J & V Painting has established themselves and defined their niche as expert residential painters with the talents and abilities to brighten or freshen your interior space. Our painters are skilled craftsmen. This means they are trained to have an understanding and an appreciation for doing an excellent job and being respectful and professional. We understand the importance and need for taking great care when performing any type of contracting work inside our customers’ homes. Respect for the space in which you live in is of paramount importance. As such, our customers see the value of our service, and have a greater appreciation for why people work with J & V Painting.


An investment and the decision to have J & V Painting handle your exterior paint project will not only improve appearance, it will also protect from the elements for years to come. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of both historical and modern building techniques gives us great insight for insuring proper and effective completion of our projects. Many jobs we encounter require extensive scraping, sanding, and preparation for the proper adherence of paint.


Artistry and design can be achieved on just about any surface you can imagine. If you are looking for a distinctive way to make an area of your home stand out, please contact us about the wide range of textures, images, and nuances we can create for you. Learn more about the various Specialty & Faux services we have to offer here.


J & V painting will take care of all your drywall work from installation to tape and bed work.


Epoxy Flooring can be applied over different materials, such as steel, concrete, and wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have painted all sizes of homes. No house or room is too small or too big.
We have over 40 years of experience. We have worked in a variety of homes and customers. There isn't much we haven't done. With that said we have always been noted for our cleanliness and ability to work well with other trades.
Every job and everyone is different and we treat it as such. We can accommodate personal requests whether it be a timing issue or making sure your dog doesn't run away.
Jobs are priced by square foot and difficulty. Cabinetry and woodwork are taken into consideration as well as any prep work that may be needed.

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